Investment Strategy: How Trion Is Different

Vertical Integration, Value-Add Properties in High-Growth  Areas. 

Trion Properties is a vertically integrated multifamily real estate investment sponsor. We specialize in value-add projects by acquiring underutilized assets in improving high-growth areas and convert them to modern, desirable, and affordable places to live. Through extensive renovations and hands-on management, our team optimizes net operating income (NOI) and adds economic value to each investment.

Our rigorous investment approach helps us meet our long-term objective of delivering outsized returns without taking outsized risks. Since its inception in 2005, Trion Properties has generated an average internal rate of return (IRR) in excess of 20%.

We are proud to invest alongside our client base, which is comprised solely of accredited investors.

  • Excellent 18 Year Track Record
  • Average IRR Exceeds 20%
  • Vertical Integration Controls Costs
  • Proven Success in All Economies
  • Every Client Receives High-Quality Service
  • Ideal Passive Investment Opportunity
  • Accredited Investors Only
  • Geographical Diversification


Identifying the right markets – We target markets where we can successfully operate throughout the real estate cycle—not just when times are good. This means focusing our efforts on areas with sustainable growth supported by a diverse set of strong economic drivers and favorable supply-demand dynamics. We began with properties in our native Southern California before expanding to Oregon and Colorado. In 2021, we started investing in the Southeast and entered Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In 2023, we entered Texas.

Sourcing and acquiring attractive properties – Our ideal building is a blank canvas, largely untouched for 10+ years. This empowers us to make exactly the improvements we want, unlocking maximum value for our investors. An important component of our ability to capture favorable entry prices is our exceptional skill in sourcing off-market deals (properties not listed for sale or advertised).

Unlocking value with extensive, customized renovations – Our renovations are typically more extensive than other Class B products in the marketplace, helping us achieve higher rent and/or optimize income through reduced vacancies and increased lease renewals. This approach positions us to increase the value of the asset and deliver superior returns to investors. Many elements of our process are vertically integrated, which allows us to better control quality and costs, including capital expenditures and operating expenses. This increased efficiency translates to higher NOI and, ultimately, higher returns for our investors.

Offering buyers a high-quality, turn-key asset – When exiting our investments, we focus on maximizing value by offering buyers differentiated, well-maintained properties featuring some of the most desirable improvements in the market. Notably, tenancy in our buildings is consistently top-notch.

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An accredited investor must meet one of the following: 1) An annual income of at least $200,000, or $300,000 when combined with spouse’s income; 2) Holds a valid Series 7, 65, or 82 license; 3) Has a net worth of >$1 million, excluding value of a primary residence.