Working Together to Achieve Financial Freedom
Through Passive Investing

Physicians are inundated with investment opportunities from random sources, making it difficult at times to determine real from fake, and average deals from exemplary ones. Consequently, it can make the process of passive investing challenging. To help doctors and medical professionals navigate these waters, Trion Properties has teamed up with Passive Income M.D. to provide a real estate investment vehicle that puts financial freedom in reach.

To that end, we have created this custom portal for PIMD members to access the third iteration of our popular multifamily real estate apartment investing fund in the  Trion Multifamily Opportunity Fund III.

Passive Income MD members at an onsite tour of one of Trion Properties investments.

Trion Multifamily Opportunity Fund III will primarily acquire multifamily assets with the opportunity to push value through the implementation of professional management practices and the execution of strategic capital expenditures that will culminate in strong value creation. The Fund does not intend to invest more than 25% of the capital commitments in any single investment or more than 20% of the capital commitments in ground-up construction of multifamily properties. The Fund will target IRRs of 12.0-15.0%, 6.0% – 8.0% cash-on-cash yield, and a 1.5x-2.0 equity multiple

Trion is an experienced sponsor with a proven business plan: The principals at Trion Properties have more than 30 years of experience in West Coast real estate markets, with over $1.0 billion in transactions. The Sponsor previously executed the same business plan for the Trion Multifamily Opportunity Fund I, and the Trion Multifamily Opportunity Fund II, which acquired and renovated Class C and Class B – properties in California and Oregon, and Colorado. Fund III will strategically target supply-constrained high-growth West Coast and Southeast markets.

The Fund offers investors diversity from multiple assets, is targeting a $75,000,000 raise, and anticipates acquiring 8-12 properties over the investment period. The Fund will acquire underperforming properties and seek to increase NOI by increasing rents through strategic interior and exterior renovations, rebranding of the properties, and hands-on management. Each asset will likely have a two-phase holding period starting with an 18-month reposition followed by 3-5 years of stabilized operations. The Sponsor has a competitive advantage by having in-house acquisition, project management, property management, debt sourcing, and construction teams.